Seat Replacement

Bay Window Seat Cushion

Bring in or mail your paper template to us! Custom cut foam can be made to fit your needs, and can be cut any size and shape. Custom covers are also available. Comes with welt and zipper so that you can remove your covers for easy washing.Round Seat Cushion             Bay window           Seat Cushion Rectangle      

    Seat Cushion Round 1                            Bay Window Seat Cushion          Seat Cushion Rectangle 2       

Bay Window Seat Cushion                 Bay Window Seat Cushion 1   

drawings of bay windows


We can replace foam and change fabric for your kitchen, dining room chairs, and stools. We do excellent wood replacement and upholstery work.

Different Styles:

seat on wood box style      wrap style chair replacement 1" thick     wrap style chair replacement 2" thick

Box Style 2" Thick Foam                 Wrap Style 1" Thick Foam       Wrap Style 2" Thick Foam

How to make paper template:

tracing template seat   tracing template seat 1   tracing template seat 2  tracing template seat 3  tracing template seat 4


Different Styles: 
* Box Style or Knife Edge With Velcro Loops
* Foam Bench Seat with Ties
* Bay Window Set and Day Bed Sets
* Foam Bench Seat with Bolsters
* Box style or knife edge with welt cord (piping with zipper)

Out Door Seat Replacement      Out Door Seat Replacement Cut to Shape      Out Door Seat Replacement with ties

Seat Cushion with Bolster    Seat Cushion with tiles     Seat and back upholster

Seat upholster cushion with tiles    Seat upholster cushion with piping      Seat cushion knife edge

We can create a decorative chair pad for any chair in your home. Come in with a template or measurements and we will take care of the rest. You can order fabric from us or you can bring your own material.

Rocking Chair Custom Made Chair Pad Seats           Rocking Chair with ties and buttons


Give your house a unique style. Arabic Seating is fabulous and elegant way of styling your living space. Arabic Seating is made all out of firm foam so no wood base or springs are required. This type of setting will last many years

Do you like our standard sitting area option but do not have a covers to put the foam in? Custom made covers is available if you mail in your own fabric. Contact us for more price and yardage details.  

Do you have your covers already made and need a correct type of fitting? Mail out your covers to Foam N’ More Inc. and we will custom cut the foam to shape and size. Price is extra so please email us photos of your covers with measurements for price estimate.  

All Foam seating Arabic replacement       All Foam Arabic replacement         All Foam Arabic replacement seat & back