Machine Capability

Machine Capabilities

The Waterjet Machine  uses a very high-pressure stream of water to cut all types of foam. This technique is used to cut foam to all shapes and sizes. The water shoots through the full thickness of the foam for packaging and small or large volume quantity orders at 1/16” tolerances.  We also have an abrasive substance mixture of water and abrasive to cut hard materials such as wood rubber metal or granite.

Automatic Vertical Foam Saw  Slices foam down to the correct width and lengths.

CNC Machine Custom any 2-D shape of open cell foam such as acoustic foam, pole bumpers, medical foam shapes.

Horizontal Foam Slitter will cut any Open Cell Foam to correct thickness.

Foam Splitters and Convoluters Two types of cutting in one machine! Foam Splitters will cut any closed cell foam to the correct thickness. Convoluters will cut any open cell foam in eggcrate shape.