3lb , 4lb , 6lb Minicell Foam Sheets

3lbs, 4lbs & 6lbs Minicell Foam

Standard Backer Rod - 2 lbs Density-2 1/2

Standard Backer Rod - 2 lbs Density-2 1/2" White color-144ft (24 pieces 6ft long)

4.5" thick Minicell- Small

Our 4.5" Thick Minicell-Small can be used for automotive interior parts, sporting equipment, Kayak seating, canoe seats, and bulk packaging racks. It offers a smooth surface but is tough and comfortable. It is also impervious to bacterial, mildew and molds.

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4.5" thick Minicell- Small

Minicell Foam is closed cell L200 foam in a 2lbs density. It is recommended for seating in kayaks, canoes, outside bleachers, and camping because this foam has a smooth surface but is tough and comfortable. Minicell is also waterproof, stain-resistant, floats on water, and is impervious to bacterial, mildew, and molds. Can be easily cut down to shape and size using a knife (just repeat in one direction over and over again) or with a disk sander or grinder.

Minicell 4.5ā€ thick as a firm skin on top and bottom but please let us know if you would like it removed to make the foam 4ā€ thick and cut it down to a certain size.

Also known as crosslink polyethylene

Available Thickness: 4-1/2"
Available Sizes:
12" x 24"
24" x 24"

The 4-1/2" thick minicell foam will have skin top and bottom. White color may not be in stock and will take 7 to 14 business days to ship out.

Minicell foam is very similar to EVA foam, the only thing that is different is EVA foam is sun proof and Minicell foam is not.

The thickness may not be it true thickness it may be + 1/16″ Thick.